Taxis in Kuala Lumpur

Like most major cities Kuala Lumpur has a range of public transport options.  As the city has grown traffic congestion has become a problem in the city itself and government has attempted to provide transport solutions. Taxis are the most convenient option, but can be the most expensive.  ALWAYS ask for the meter to be…

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5 recommended travel agents in Burma

Travelling in Burma is harder than other countries in the region.  of course you can travel independently, but restrictions and timetable changes are a part of the deal. For this reason most travellers choose to use a local travel agent.  This gives them flexibility with travel arrangements and takes much of the stress out of trying to make arrangements from abroad….


Little India–Kuala Lumpur

In the district of Brickfields is Little India – a large group of Indian restaurants and stores selling saris, Indian goods Bollywood music…However this is not sanitized shopping malls – this is real life and at times can be busy, crowded, dirty – but real, buzzing and vibrant It however has not always been here….

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Old Bagan – Burma

Like Angkor Wat in Cambodia the temples around Bagan are an inspiring sight.  They date from time when Bagan was the capital of a number of ancient kingdoms.150km south of Mandalay Nyaung U is one of the most convenient stopping off points for the area given it has an airport with regular flights from other…