Jim Thompson House

http://www.jimthompsonhouse.com/visitor/index.aspJim Thompson was an American who had a profound influence on the resurgence of the modern Thai Silk industry after World War II. With the aim of producing consistent good quality silk and meeting customer tastes, the bright jewel coloured silks synonymous with Thailand, became a thriving industry.  He disappeared while on holiday with friends…

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Where China Meets India: Burma and the New Crossroads of Asia by Thant Myint-U

A new book on Burma is described as part travelogue, part history, part investigation.  It looks at the influence of China and India in this region of the world and what the possible implications are for both Burma itself and for the rest of the world. http://www.amazon.com/Where China Meets India A book description from Amazon:…

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Sagaing and Inwa

Sagaing Sagaing is on the opposite side of the river to Ava. Set on a hill it has hundreds of Buddhist temples and monasteries and thousands of monks and nuns. The setting has plenty of trees and shade. Walking around on the interconnection paths and trails can be a relaxing way to observe Burmese life….

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This is a destination you get to by boat. A 1 hour trip will take you 11 km to Mingun. One of those destinations where the joy of travel is as much in the getting there is as in the destination itself. Here there is a partially completed gigantic Paya (pagoda, temple) and the Mingun…

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Amarapura was once a royal capital but little remains of the royal constructions. View Mandalay Burma in a larger map U Bein Bridge One of the most photographed images of Burma is the U Bein Bridge. Built from teak over 200 years ago the bridge is over a kilometre long over the shallow Taungthaman Lake….

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Outside Mandalay

There was a quote in the Lonely Planet (2005) that said “ Mandalay’s good, but it gets better just outside it’s doors”.  And outside you find the sites of Amarapura, Mingun, Ava and Sagaing Ideally you would take three days to visit all these destinations.  Ava and Sagaing are usually grouped together as they are…

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In many ways Mandalay is much quieter and laid-back than Rangoon but traffic congestion is increasing and things are changing.  It is not a pretty looking city, but it does have it’s own charms.  Most guides recommend if you have enough time in Burma at least one day here will be worth your while. Mandalay…