Flavigny sweets & chocolate


Flavigny-sur-Ozerain is a beautiful medieval village with two claims to fame Anise sweeties and being the location for the movie Chocolat. Located 60 km north of Dijon this is a classic small, atmospheric French village.  There are only just over 300 permanent residents but this is designated one of France’s most beautiful villages les plus beaux villages de france

The official site of the village http://flavigny-sur-ozerain.fr/ – at the bottom of the page gives an option to choose the language you want the site translated to.  Here is a good set of information about the history, restaurants, and artisans in the village.

Les Anis des Flavigny

The first is the factory that produces the Anise pastilles.  These lollies are exported around the world. 
It is possible to visit the factory at varying times through the year.  Generally the are open in the mornings and for a couple of hours in the afternoon.  Even if the Factory tour option is not available it is possible to visit the Company store which is open general commercial hours.  See the website for current information: http://www.anis-flavigny.com/venir2.html



And the 2nd is this is where the movie “Chocolat” was filmed.  The town is steeped in atmosphere with ramparts, houses and masses of character.  Wherever you walk there will be something to look at – look up for statues in windows or around corners for modern life in a medieval setting.


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