Singapore Gardens by the Bay and more … part 2… buying tickets

Continuing on from part 1,  the details of visiting Singapore Gardens by the Bay this post contains information on how to buy the tickets and potentially save money.  Other things to do in the area has it’s own post 3 here.


Buying tickets

It is a good idea to purchase your tickets online before visiting. You have a couple of main options for getting tickets if travelling independently.

Gardens Website:

Purchasing tickets through the Garden’s site is easy and efficient.


You can purchase up to 90 days in advance and you will need to specify which day you want to visit.  However the ticket is valid for 30 days from that specified date, so you don’t have to visit on the actual date.  Your tickets will be sent to you for printing out or displaying on a smartphone.

Get a deal:

It is worth checking out deal sites such as Group-on and daily deal for ticket specials and combo deals.  The combo deals are particularly attractive in terms of pricing. e.g.. The gardens plus a river cruise for a price close to just that of admission to the gardens

One proviso with this method is that in most cases you need to visit the issuing agents office to get get your voucher exchanged for the actual tickets.  This is an easy process but you need to be aware of this.

Because the deals change there is no way to directly link to a valid deal.  Instead your best approach is to search using a search term such as “Singapore Gardens by the bay deal” or instead of deal coupon.
Click through to the sites and check the deals are valid for today – often expired deals will show.  I tried this while writing this post on found 2 major sites with current deals on and about 5 with expired deals.


I also (where the option exists) re-search once I hit the site to see if there are other deals/options  which were not shown on the Google search.

major sites include (updated as at 03/2022):



but don’t be limited to the few examples I have listed here.

If you don’t want to sign up to these sites watch out for opt-outs such as circled below…click this and you don’t need to sign up while just searching.


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