Singapore Gardens by the Bay and more

The Gardens by the Bay complex on the Singapore waterfront is an excellent destination while in Singapore.  The official details are covered well on the official website, so this is personal experience and tips to add to this information. 

To keep the information easy to navigate I have split this post into three parts.  In this post is the information about visiting the gardens.  What are the gardens, where do I go, how long to allow for a visit and how to get there.

In Post 2 is information on how to save on the ticket price and Post 3 are other attractions in the area and a suggested itinerary.

Gardens by the bay2

Brief Overview

The complex was opened to the pubic in late 2011 and cost a billion dollars to build.  And it seemed to be well worth the expenditure.  A very good background on the gardens came from a 2013 article in the Financial Times FT: Worth the Gamble
The outdoor gardens are free and the two domes have a combined entrance fee of $28 Singapore (about USD20)

You can visit the 2 domes in whichever order you choose, but I personally enjoyed the Rainforest dome slightly more than the other, so I would do the flower dome first and finish with the rainforest.

Your entrance ticket has two tear off sections and one section will be taken for each dome.

The Domes

There are 2 large domes.  The first the flower dome, a cool/dry conservatory with garden from South Africa, the desert, the Mediterranean, India etc.

The second dome was a Cloud forest, is a Cool-Moist conservatory, with waterfalls and high ranging structures.  You could look at the views from below, above, inside.
It is a stunning sight to see the area being misted – rain forest watering.
And if you look closely you can see the ventilation ducts partially hidden in the foliage

Outside there are enormous tree structures and suspended bridges.


The cafes have a wide range of food, but as is the case in Singapore the prices are also quite high.  It is a good idea to stock up on water and maybe nibbles before you get to the gardens.  If you take the MRT there is are convenience stores in the MRT station.

How long to allow for a visit?

Of course everyone is different but an hour and a half to two hours is a ballpark figure.  The complex is climate controlled and a pleasant place to escape the Singapore weather.

Getting there

The MRT has convenient stations nearby and then it is just a matter of following the official signage.  The official site has good directions and information.  Use the Singapore Transport MRT site to work out how to connect to either of the two MRT Stations – calculate journey – for routes and even prices

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