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Semmengoh Orangutans

The Semmingoh Wildlife Sanctuary is located a 30 minute drive, 24km outside Kuching. 

The centre was set up in 1975 to care for wild orangutans that have been injured or orphaned with the aim to rehabilitate them for release back into the jungle.

Orang 7

Times and Directions
Feeding time is set down for one hour at 9am & again at 3pm.  The latest opening times and other information including transport options can be found at the official site

The orangutan are in various stages of rehabilitation to the wild.  Therefore it is considered successful if no orangutan turn up for feeding – but not very good for tourists with their eagerly poised cameras.They are very strong and graceful animals
The centre is excellent, there is no feeling that these wild animals are constrained in any way.  They come to the feeding areas if they are hungry, but if not they don’t. 

From a visit in 2014:

We were lucky with one lone female arriving about 9:10,  after the keepers began calling.  She made her way in through the treetops at her own pace.

Orang 2
She stayed for 5 minutes or so and then we and our fellow tourists scanned the treetops for more orangutan, but they didn’t appear.  Instead we all watched the numerous squirrels for the next half hour.  We headed back up to the main gathering area.  After looking at some crocs and displays we noticed cameras turning to the treetops and tourists rushing west.  So we followed and saw a second orangutan come in to another feeding platform, much closer than the first one. 

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