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Burmese Cats back in Burma

While travelling in Myanmar one day the thought might strike you – I haven’t seen any Burmese cats!  And you would be right.

The breed was unintentionally obliterated from the country through interbreeding etc. 
In recent times there has been a program put in place to reintroduce pure bred Burmese Cats

burmese cats

In 2008 the Inle Princess Resort, on Lake Inle, Myanmar sourced seven best strain pedigree cats from the UK and Australia and a breeding program was started.

The program has been successful so far and a second facility at the Inthar Heritage House cafe (also on Lake Inle) has a number of the bred cats.

The aim of the program is to eventually have pure brown Burmese cats living happily back in Burma.

burmese 2

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