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Mandalay – Dining around the Royal Palace area

Mandalay is not over run with tourist places to eat, but there are a number of options as well as much more authentic local options on every street and market.

eating in myanmar

Some of the options are
None of these appear to have their own websites, so check out others opinion on tripadvisor.

Mann’s Chinese restaurant 83rd St between 24th & 25th streets
Mix with the locals and the odd tourist as Burmese television plays in the background. The food is good Chinese variety with an English menu and at least one staff member speaking reasonable English – cheap and chirpy don’t expect fine dining

Kos kitchen Thai cuisine – 19th & 80th aka Inwa Street
Has a good menu and good tasty food. It’s only downside is that it is also popular with larger tour groups.

Marie Min 27th st between 74th & 75th
Excellent vegetarian meals – so good even your dyed in the wool meat eating spouse won’t miss his meat intake for one meal.

V Café corner of 80th & 25th
Although the food is nothing startling this well air conditioned café is a great place to escape the heat of the day and a good place to get an alcoholic drink. Decorated in neon shades it is certainly not traditional.

Numerous restaurants along 23rd st circa 84th street area.
If you want a number of restaurants in a small area to compare menus this is the area for you. Also a good place to find a seat watching the street and to sit sipping a beer or cold drink and watch daily life go past.

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