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Mandalay Airport

Mandalay Airport is modern and new – and very much bigger than needed at the moment. The government spent $150 million building this with it’s excess capacity. The runways are long enough for international jets and there are numerous air-bridges. However the three times we passed through Mandalay airport we only saw small commuter planes and passengers were ferried to and from the planes out on the tarmac by buses.


The interior is cool and modern with multiple check in counters, security posts and baggage conveyer belts.

Getting into Mandalay city
If you have not already arranged a transfer, at the taxi desk tell the attendant your destination and they will assign you a taxi driver. For 2 of us we were quoted 4,000kyat each to go in shared taxi with 3 others plus driver or 12,000 for a taxi to ourselves (we chose the 12,000 sole use)

The road into Mandalay city has been purpose built and it is a smooth and easy ride of about an hour. There are almost no other vehicles on this road.

You take your chances with the state of the taxi you get on the rotation allocation – our journey was fine but the vehicle could only be described as ….interesting.
mandalay airport taxi

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