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Kakku and Taunggyi near Lake Inle

Kakku is a group of nearly 2500 stupas in an area about 1 square kilometre, sometimes described as a forest or orchard of Stupas .  This area that has only been open to tourists since about 2000.
The Kakku area has been restored, so many of the Stupa have been reconstructed rather than being left in a natural deteriorating state.  The area has been fenced and footpath laid in many areas.

The site lies in the Pa-O tribe territory and site is managed by a Pa-O collective.  Admission is $3 plus $5 for the local guide

Taunggyi has a balloon festival toward the end of October/November each year depending on the full moon. Many people travel to witness the balloons and most are locals. Most balloons are made of mulberry paper and can be 6-10m in height. Balloons are floated both during the day and the night. Those at night are illuminated and some float carrying fireworks. There is a lot of pageantry and fireworks can go on for 15-30 minutes.  During this time accommodation in Taunggyi itself is hard to come by.

Something a little different is a winery in Burma.  The Aythaya Winery is 5km outside Taunggyi. http://www.myanmar-vineyard.com/  The first releases were bottle in 2004 from vines from France, Germany, Spain and Italy.They produce a white (sauvignon blanc & chenin blanc), a rosé (moscato) and a red (syrah/cabernet sauvignon). Wine tastings are offered and there is a European cafe. 

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This area is a good day trip from Lake Inle being a 2 hour drive.  It is also a 2 hour drive from Heho Airport to Taunggyi

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