Airport to Kuala Lumpur transport

From LCCT you have the following options for public transport



There is a prepaid coupon option as you exit from customs/baggage.  A series of booths where you name your destination and the schedule rate is given to you.  For an indication of what these fares will cost check out this calculator  http://www.mesraindahjaya.com/



There are a number of services offering buses to KL Sentral.  KL Sentral is a transport hub and you can access easily much of the Kuala Lumpur public transport network from here.


Buses are located between the domestic departures area and the food court – with the car parks on your right hand side.  Keep walking until you see the buses or lines waiting.




RM9 for a one-way journey.  The schedule runs from KL –> LCCT from 03:00 to 22:00 and from the LCCT from 07:00 to 04:30.

This is the Air Asia bus, but is not limited to Air Asia passengers.  You can buy the tickets as you board but it is cheaper if you pre-book a ticket as part of your air reservation.  Unlike other add-ons offered Air Asia do not allow you to add this on after the air reservation has been completed.


If you have purchased this fare on your AirAsia ticket you need to print out your itinerary to show when getting on the bus – this acts as your bus ticket.  The print out needs the travel dates and the fact you have paid the fare.




RM8 for a one-way journey and RM14 for a return ticket.  The schedule runs from KL –> LCCT from 03:15 to 22:30 and from the LCCT from 04:30 to 01:30.

Tickets can be purchased and paid for online


trainTransport to KLIA – Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Although the two airports are beside each other, the road connection takes about 20 minutes.  There are shuttle buses which cost RM2.50 per person


If you want to take the KLIA train you can purchase the KLIA transit LCCT ticket for RM12.50.  This price includes the shuttle to KLIA and the train journey to Salak Tingii station.  You can arrange to travel the full distance to KL Sentral, a journey that takes under 30 minutes, non-stop, no traffic congestion.

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