Little India–Kuala Lumpur

In the district of Brickfields is Little India – a large group of Indian restaurants and stores selling saris, Indian goods Bollywood music…However this is not sanitized shopping malls – this is real life and at times can be busy, crowded, dirty – but real, buzzing and vibrant

little india Kuala lumpur KL

It however has not always been here. In 2009 the Malaysian government decreed that Little India would be moved from it’s location around Jalan Masjid India in the city centre to Brickfields.

The reason was that there was more potential to have a larger number of colourful stores at brickfields than there had been in the city centre.

This week (Jul-11) the Tourism minister announced they were committed to supporting the Indian community showcase the iconic Little India .http://thestar.com.my/

The minister said Little India has “a variety of products including distinctive food, shopping, religious and even traditional culture that should be promoted,” One initiative will be to have the Kuala Lumpur hop-on hop-off bus making a stop in Little India.
To get there head to Sentral Station – monorail, Rapid KL etc

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